“Flippa , an artist with multiple passions, is quietly surfacing in Montreal 's underground electronic scene. From an early age, sound vibrations plunged him into the path of the evolution of his own inner universe. As a young filmmaker , music is an element that gives him inspiration for the realization of cinematographic projects. He perceives music as a language allowing him to transform the surrounding energy into what he really wants to feel. The intention behind each performed composition is a way for Flippa to express her own open-hearted inner dialogue. For him, a complete set is like a painting, an abstract piece, a story told in the moment. Each of his performances and compositions is expressed with a wide range of colors and sound textures specific to him. Accomplish a set, is to successfully guide the energy evolution of a place and its audience to live a unique experience that connects each person to the rhythm of the music. Flippa is a multidisciplinary artist who receives, transforms and transmits energy to his audience.

His mission is to accomplish and improve his musical productions, in order to perform them in his original compositions on the stage of his hometown. Aged 19, he performs in bar restaurants such as: Barbossa, Trh bar, Suwu and recently received the opportunity to do SNDCHECK with which he gives him his favorite. Focused on reaching more events where house music is passionately enjoyed, Flippa is one to remember as it will make the noise necessary to get to your ears. »