Ghetto Birds

by Guillaume Laberge

Ghetto Birds is the project of two Quebec DJs and producers, Pascal Boudreau and Thomas Claverdière, aged 32 and 31 respectively. Ghetto Birds specialize in house music but have become experts in the tech house subgenre.

We like to describe our style of music as 'street-flavored tech house,' it's really like tech house but with an 'underground' street flavor,” Claverdière said.

Boudreau and Claverdière have a rich musical background, both from musical families. Boudreau learned the piano at a young age while Claverdière learned drums and bass. They met while mixing at university parties, sometimes even together. Although they eventually became the duo we all know and love today, it took a long time before the two became one. At the time, Boudreau was in another duo, while Claverdière was in Australia. Despite all these obstacles, they finally united in 2019.

“I had found my musical soul mate because we had exactly opposite forces. Everything about me scared me a little more, he had no difficulty and vice versa,” said Boudreau.

Each has its own strengths, which ultimately complement those of the other. Boudreau is more skilled in production while Claverdière focuses more on mixing.

“It's like the Ying and the Yang, we really started off as two antipodes, but which had two forces and over time it ended up coming together and balancing out,” said Boudreau.

It is with this mindset that the pair approach everything they do. From playing Montreal En Lumière and Miami more recently, to opening for many notable names in the house industry, it's safe to say that Boudreau and Claverdière have definitely benefited from their partnership.

“I think that precisely since we are two heads, we will achieve a better result in the end because sometimes you are alone and in your bubble and you are convinced that it is good, but it is good also to have another opinion,” said Claverdière.

With 2023 being their first year without covid restrictions together, Ghetto Birds should take off this year and fly as high as possible to reach the top. It's never too late to join 'The Flock' as they have some great performances coming up including a set at Escapade 2023.

Ghetto Birds Fact: Both Boudreau and Claverdière were big skateboarding fans growing up, and their name “Ghetto Birds” is also the name of a skateboard thing.

Guillaume Laberge

Guillaume Laberge is a 21-year-old music journalist from Montreal. He is currently completing a major in journalism with a minor in professional writing at Concordia University.

He is currently the Music Editor of an academic journal called The Concordian. He was "Assistant Music Editor" for six months before becoming "Music Editor," a position he has held for a year and a half. Laberge also works as a journalist for SNDCHECK.