Ludo Lacoste

by Guillaume Laberge

Ludovic Lacoste, AKA Ludo Lacoste is a 33 year old music producer and DJ from Montreal. Lacoste specializes in house music, a sound he has been honing since 2009. The veteran prefers his sound to be lighter.

“It's groovy house, rather joyful. I like the piano a lot too and I try to incorporate a lot of piano melodies into my songs,” says Lacoste.

Growing up, Lacoste was captivated by music. Even before taking an interest in it, he was fascinated by sound systems. This passion for sound quickly turned into a deep love for music, where before he even knew how DJ tables worked, he bought two tables and a mixer. Lacoste was destined to become an artist.

“This passion started when I was in kindergarten. I had that on my mind so much all the time, but when I was young, I didn't think I could live off of it. Even at school, I would go to the guidance counselors and they would tell me there wasn't that much work there,” he said.

Even as an adult, Lacoste still had that fire burning for music, so much so that it occupied all of his thoughts, even during his day job as a computer technician.

“It was an obsession. I was in the office working and just thinking about this. it was Monday and I was already looking forward to Friday. I was already thinking about what set I was going to do," he said.

Although Lacoste started mixing in 2009, his career only started in 2017 when he took a job as an IT technician at Beachclub. It was by combining his work as a computer technician with his love for mixing that Lacoste decided to pursue his musical career full time. He was willing to make sacrifices to live his dream.

“I saw other artists emerge and I told myself that I was made for that. I didn't really understand why I wasn't in it full time, and it was really the best decision of my life,” said Lacoste.

It was his love for the stage and his strong will to improve that led him to release songs under some notable house music labels, such as Glasgow Underground, which happens to be one of from his favorite record labels.

“It's a huge feeling. Just seeing your name and the title of your song with their artwork, you've always listened to songs and then you see their artwork play and finally it's yours, it's a dream come true. he said.

Lacoste describes himself as "a passionate person who gave up everything to do what he loves the most." That said, if you didn't already know him, be on the lookout for him in the years to come, as he is very talented and extremely hungry.

Guillaume Laberge

Guillaume Laberge is a 21-year-old music journalist from Montreal. He is currently completing a major in journalism with a minor in professional writing at Concordia University.

He is currently the Music Editor of an academic journal called The Concordian. He was "Assistant Music Editor" for six months before becoming "Music Editor," a position he has held for a year and a half. Laberge also works as a journalist for SNDCHECK.