“MIRo CHINo is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in alternative hip-hop . Born under the name of a painter and of an artist mother, he is unable to get rid of this genetic and cultural baggage. That said, he realizes very young that he does not have the innate talents of a visual artist . This does not leave him, however, and what he does not manage to illustrate with his eyes, he constructs by ear. With a certain predisposition for synesthesia and writing , he conceives music as a sensory experience. His studio is in truth a workshop, a kitchen, a playground.

One could qualify his music as naive art. Having never learned music theory, he learns to strum the guitar on Youtube and composes his songs by ear . Anxious to accurately represent his inner universe, he approaches composition like scriptwriting. During the creation phase , he is constantly looking for a narrative framework, both in the text and in the sound progression.

After several years of experimenting with genres, MIRoCHINo officially launches his career in the summer of 2021 with his first album Bons Times Bad Times, a project rooted in the world of hip-hop to which rock, folk and alternative sounds are added. Launched as the first part of SNDCHECK 0006 , his performance was a great success with the participants present. »