Mitch Oliver

by Guillaume Laberge

Michel-Olivier Saucier, nicknamed Mitch Oliver, is a 33-year-old Montreal DJ and producer. Although Oliver is known for adapting his sound to the crowd and the event, he is at his best playing melodic techno and deep house.

"In terms of sound, I've always been more drawn to a sound that's more groovy, sexy, luscious, a bit more like partying and being happy," he says.

Growing up, Oliver was always surrounded by music, whether it was his father playing the piano or his parents constantly listening to music at home. This later led him to make his own discoveries and listen to many different genres. What started as a passion for music led him to be the playlist curator at parties with his friends during his teenage years, eventually taking DJ lessons in 2011 and mixing at college parties.

"When I was younger, I was always the reference friend, a bit of a music lover, who prepared playlists or records for parties, and one day I thought to myself that it could be interesting during university that I learn to put one song after another in a little more interesting way than preparing a playlist on my Itunes and putting on a five-second fade,” he said.

Although he started DJing in 2011, it wasn't until 2017 that he fully committed to the Mitch Oliver name and quit his job as a chartered accountant at KPMG, after years to combine his day job and his DJ sets at night. He returned to school in 2018 to learn the secrets of the profession of music producer, an art that was unknown to him at the time.

"When you finish a first song and you listen to it afterwards and you don't even know how you did it and you like the song so much that it could belong to someone else and you freak out the same, it's a really good feeling,” said Oliver.

Since finishing his musical studies, Oliver has been working hard to build his brand. He reached just over 1.4 million streams on his song "Alleghanys" and now has over 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. It's safe to say he's a big name on the Montreal electronic music scene.

"In 2017, I had never opened a music production software in my life and found myself five years later with a discography of twenty songs signed on just about every label I dreamed of signing, I'm really proud to have made it there,” said Oliver.

Whether he's playing sets around the world or working in the studio on new songs, Oliver always makes sure to stay busy and always tries to improve.

Fun Fact: Before he was Mitch Oliver, his old DJ name was DJ Sauce

Guillaume Laberge

Guillaume Laberge is a 21-year-old music journalist from Montreal. He is currently completing a major in journalism with a minor in professional writing at Concordia University.

He is currently the Music Editor of an academic journal called The Concordian. He was "Assistant Music Editor" for six months before becoming "Music Editor," a position he has held for a year and a half. Laberge also works as a journalist for SNDCHECK.