par Guillaume Laberge

Ana Alexandra Coman, most commonly known as « MVNGO » is a 23-year-old DJ and music producer. Born in Romania, she moved to Canada at the age of four. Mvngo specializes in house music, but her music runs deeper than just genre names, it is a vibe.

“My name inspires my sound. Mvngo inspires freshness, summer, and exoticism. […] It’s like summer in Europe. That's really what I'm trying to convey in my sound and in my brand as an artist,” she said.

Mvngo has always been around music throughout her life, where she learned the piano when she was eight. Her dad used to be a DJ back in Romania when she was a kid, which exposed her to the European underground music scene at a young age. Every summer she would go back to Europe to spend the summer there, and getting back to that environment only grew her curiosity toward music.

“At 16, since we went back to Europe every summer, me and my best friend were looking for festivals and we went to them, and we tried to go backstage to see how everything worked,” said Mvngo.

Even though music has always been part of her life, she only started producing and DJing over the pandemic, where she learned the basics through watching videos online. From there, she started filming herself mastering her craft and uploading videos on TikTok, where she now has about 13,500 followers on the platform. She now makes a living with her music.

“I had a musical background, my dad was also a DJ and I also had a background in video, so that’s how I showed to people what I could do and shared my journey through social media,” she said.

From opening for The Chainsmokers at Beachclub to winning the 2022 Yacht Week DJ competition in Croatia, it’s safe to say that Mvngo has come a long way from her days of mixing in her basement. Keep an eye on Mvngo in the future, as she is definitely an artist to watch in the Montreal house scene.

Fun fact about Mvngo: When she first started Cegep, she wanted to become a doctor, but she gave up after her first session.

- Guillaume Laberge

Guillaume Laberge

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