SNDCHECK aims to break down the barriers erected by the virtual by organizing immersive and unusual events , where people are encouraged to live in the present moment.

As a non-profit organization whose mission is to produce lasting change in the industry, we are driven by a thirst for authenticity in our human relationships.


  • Disconnect to reconnect

    A sticker is placed on the camera of cell phones before immersing themselves in our events.

    We are convinced that by collectively disconnecting from the barriers erected by the virtual, our experiences will weave the reconnections that make up the present moment. Disconnect to reconnect.

  • Secret artistic programming

    Artists participating in SNDCHECK events are not announced prior to the event.

    They therefore have less pressure to perform, and the community is much more receptive to discovering new sounds, because they have confidence in our artistic curation.

  • Nomadic musical adventures

    Nomadic, innovative and always on the lookout for new discoveries, the SNDCHECK adventure begins the moment you agree to live in the present moment.

    To venture into our experiments is also to let oneself be carried away blindly into a universe of new sounds.

Discover the SNDCHECK experience